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Primo TV is an English children’s television channel, operated by V-me Media, and aimed at the Latino market, ages 6 to 16 years in the United States. 

Primo TV needed to design a character that would be the visible face of the channel for all audiences – one which had to work in two different dayparts: 
- in the morning for young children up to the age of eleven years; and,
- in the afternoon/evening schedule for children twelve and up. 

This Primo TV character had to communicate modernity, sympathy and establish a certain familiarity with the themes in which even the youngest children in the house could be interested. The iPad met all these parameters: modern, popular, fun and its use extends to all ages.  The corporate colours of the channel were used and, to differentiate their use in the different programming segments of the day, the screen was rotated in order to create a direct relationship with the ages of the two groups of viewers.

Primo TV.

Character Design

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