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NOV 22, 2019

Selection of posters in tribute to Havana

Our city has already turned 500, but we decided to prolong the celebration, that is why we published this selection of posters in tribute to Havana...

MAY 31, 2019

Interview with Diseñadores Cubanos por el Mundo

“Your mind is growing and you start to tackle your designs in a different way”...

FEB 11, 2019

Cuba: Roofs, tornadoes and social networks

This group of designers has just invited its peers to create T-shirts and tote bags for sale on the #yotireuncabo site, for the benefit of disaster victims...

FEB 05, 2019

Article on Garbo's Magazine

Cuban designers have also joined in helping the victims of the tornado that destroyed much of Havana on Sunday, January 27...

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